Hidden Corners of Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: Social Media Secrets

Yep, another article about social media. I hope to bring some attention to the hidden corners of social media and the opportunities they bring for extended connection. I'll talk about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or the 'Big 3' as they are sometimes referred to as.

Did you know that Facebook has a second folder where you can receive messages? Some of us don't and may have missed a few things as a result. Did you also know that Facebook messages has a spam and archived folder? If not, you may have missed some important messages from your friends.

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Twitter occupies another powerful niche in the social media universe. Twitter's strong-hold of the 140 character communication concept provides a vast array of opportunites for connecting to people about topics you relate to. One of the hidden areas of Twitter is the lists section. Many people neglect or even forget about it and what it can provide for you and your followers. Are you on some lists you didn't know about? Do you subscribe to any lists? Have you created lists?

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The go-to social media platform for image sharing and filter fun. Instagram provides a unique opportunity to connectivity. I wrote an article dedicated to Instagram that talks more in depth about how artists can use it effectively (read it here) but I'd like to elaborate about the often forgotten area found in Instagram called 'Following' found next to 'News'. You can see what people you follow are interacting with ie: comments, likes and new friends. As Instagram is a 'like minded' concept of image based interest, this area is powerful because you can discover people and images that will most likely fall into the same area of your own personal interest. Do you like art/food/shoes/sky/etc? So do the people you follow.

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In Conclusion
Social media is powerful but only if you use it to it's most effective way possible. Not all platforms are the same so you have to adapt to each in order to be effective with them. Also, be sure to check out the links at the top of my blog to connect with me on the various platforms I'm a part of. See you there :)

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