Netflix for Creatives: 3 Documentaries for Inspiration

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As many of you probably use Netflix and how most of you reading this article are probably creative types of one kind or another (if not, that's cool too) I wanted to take a moment to share 3 documanteires found on Netflix that can be a source of inspiration.

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1. Helvetica

The font that saturates the world both in print and on our screens. This film talks with both sides of the intense debate about why the Helvetica font is or isn't the best font in the world. Any designer or typeface aficionado will enjoy hearing from both the lovers and haters as well as hearing about the rich history of Helvetica.

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2. Frazetta

This documentary reveals the life work of renowned fantasy illustrator/painter/sculptor Frank Frazetta and his impact on the world of both fantasy art and literature. Even if fantasy art isn't your thing, you'll enjoy watching how a self-taught artists came into being and why he is so celebrated, both during and after his life.
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3. Light, Darkness and Colours

As the title states, this documentary explores the concepts, theories and realities of light, darkness and colour. It opens up the viewers perspective of what they are and why/how we perceive them. You'll find history, science and experimentation involving those ideas, providing a meaty source of inspiration and ideas. 

All three films are found in the Sweden region that can be accessed via Unblock-Us,
a nifty service that's super cheap and greatly expands the Netflix library.

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