Bringing Your Business Online: A Quick List

It isn't easy to bring your ideas into reality. It takes a great deal of sacrifice mixed with a healthy sense of purpose and degree of humbleness to survive the process in creating a business that can flourish.

Trust me, I've been building my own studio for a few years now and I still struggle with all these concepts.

So, I'm writing today to offer you a quick list of the initial things you should consider when attempting to start your own small business:
  1.  Support network.
    • Do I have people that will help me get started? Who are they and what can they offer me?
    • Will the people I currently know benefit from my idea? What advice can they offer me about how to structure my business service/product.
  2. Current resources.
    • What do I have that can facilitate the growth of my idea?
    • How can I gather resources that may help my idea grow?
  3.  Feasibility.
    • Does my business reach a large number of people or is it a niche idea?
    • Does someone else offer the same service/product as me and can I compete with their business? If I can, how do I do that?
This quick list will get you started on the right path towards your idea becoming real and tangible and moving past the 'chat' stage.

About me:
I'm a full-time freelance illustrator and designer focusing on the ideas and future success of other freelancers and entrepreneurs. Contact me and lets have a chat about your idea.
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