Press Pause Play: Independent Creatives and Why Industry Is Dead.

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More people being more creative with more access to more tools. The future of ideas belongs to creatives. The future of the imagination will reflect what a person can create not what they can consume. For the first time in the history of mankind, creativity is not the sole domain of those with money and industrial clout. 

Industry is dead. 

Long live The Independents.

I've been inspired and driven by a sense that the world is not as it's been portrayed to be. We have been led to believe that what we deem as creativity and why we should like it is the sole prevue of industries; The Music Industry, The Film Industry, The Art Industry, etc, etc... 

This concept is bullshit. This concept is a dinosaur that doesn't know it is extinct. This concept makes me sick and is insulting to my sense of independence and my concepts of autonomy.

In my personal network I am fortunate to know a wide range of creatives in a variety of 'industries'. Most of them are wonderful people with the ideas and passion required to make something from nothing, and I relish seeing them in action.

The main concerns for most of them are money and time. They either have not enough of both or too much time and no money. Few, if any have money. The true advantage they do have is access to equipment to create what they like with as much time as they want to put towards the idea.

So, What The Hell Am I Taking About?

I recently watched a powerful documentary that laid out this idea in a deftly profound way. It communicated the ideas that support why I strive for independence in my own creativity and why I truly believe that anyone can put their energy towards the realization of their ideas and projects. A manifestation of what you want to see and be, not what a government, corporation or religion wants tells you to be.

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The documentary is called: Press Pause Play

If anyone reading this considers themselves a creative or wants to enter the world of creativity, I strongly recommend watching it and seriously contemplating the themes, futurism and implications of what the documentary is attempting to communicate.

As an avid and devout fan of Netflix coupled with Unblock-US, you can view it in the Ireland and UK regions once you unlock them. Unlock the regions here.

I'm not even joking, take time to watch it. Trust me, you'll thank me for it.

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