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Lots to choose from...

As you develop the online presence for your business, you'll need to create a website that will be the focal point of your online traffic and customers.

There are many aspects to building a website, one of which is finding and purchasing the proper domain name then connecting to your site. This isn't always an easy process but once connected few issues should arise.

Now the tough part, choosing the right name for your website. You're first instinct is to choose the exact name of your business and you'd be right to do so.

What if the name is taken?

Here is what you do.
  1. Find out who owns the name and if it is for sale. A great resource for finding this out is Simply type in the domain name, '' and a breakdown will appear giving you the information for contacting the domain owner.
  2. Contact the owner and begin dialogue about your interest. Keep the communication short and to the point. Simply ask what they'd like for the domain.
  3. Is it too expensive to purchase? This may well be the case as many top-level domains can cost many thousands of dollars. Now it's time to find a different name that can represent your business without being way off the mark.
  4. I use a site called to find all the domain names I buy for both myself and every client I've ever worked for so I recommend them with confidence.
Picking the right name can feel daunting or easy, depends on what level of difference you can accept about your business name vs website domain. Here are some simple examples of what can work for you.
  1. A simple prefix such as: the, my,
  2. Adding company designation such as: llc, company, ltd, or inc
  3. adding a designation particular to your industry: studio, shop, HQ, etc
Long or Short domain name?

Many points can be argued for and against using a long or short domain name.
Currently domain names are limited to 63 characters or less, so choosing one shouldn't be too much hassle regardless.

Long Names
  • More likely to exist
  • Can be easier to remember due to the uniqueness and letter combinations
  • Can contain keywords that will help your site search rankings
  • More likely to be spelled wrong when typed
  • May seem daunting to type on a mobile keyboard
Short Names
  • Easy to recall
  • Great for design methods for small print on business cards
  • the right one can lend a high level of authority to the business
  • Increasingly difficult to find
  • Can be expensive and prohibitive to buy
In today's current internet culture, it is exceedingly hard to find good short URLs for your websites. Most of the powerful ones have been purchased long ago and can cost many thousands of dollars. Don't be discouraged by this because if your domain name is odd yet memorable enough it may still be available. Check now >>

.COM, .NET, .ORG, .CA... which to use?

At the time of this article, .COMs are the most popular suffix and the one most friendly to search engine algorithms.  So, if you can buy the .COM version of your chosen domain name then go for it!

Are you a local business with only a local market or clientele? I recommend purchasing a domain suffix that matches your country to really drive home the local flavour of your business such as .CA for Canada or .US for United States of America. This is a great tactical advantage for your local business and secures your place as the top domain for the region with that name. It'll look great on your flyers, business cards and other printed materials.

With the above information, you're ready to find your domain.

What do you do now that you've found a domain name for your business? It's time to begin the process of designing your website to connect the domain to. That's where I come in.

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