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I recently started using a very powerful app for the iPhone that creates chains of actions based on something you do. The app is called If This Then That, or IFTTT for short. I can't emphasize how powerful this app is and why you NEED it, not want, NEED.

Anyone familiar with automating repetitive tasks on their computer can find the same tasking solution with IFTTT. It basically works like this: you define 'This' and set an action (That) to trigger once 'This' is activated, such as 'If NEW PHOTO Then TWEET IMAGE'. This is a basic 'recipe' as they are called in-app but can be more in-depth and broader in reach, such as 'If NEW BLOG POST Then REPOST TO LINKEDIN' which is what I do for posts on this blog.

iphone, app, The Red Rabbit
It covers a huge range of social media platforms and seems to be growing regularly. To date it can connect, in various ways, 67 different channels.

I won't bother going into more detail as I strongly encourage all of you to go to the iTunes app store right now and download it. It's free and has no in-app purchases. A product delivered to you by people with a passion for awesomeness. You'll see and you'll thank me for this.

Also, as a shameless self plug, I create UI/UX, art and illustrations for apps. Check it out here.

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