Single Page Websites: Why They Work For Small Business

There is a very popular design trend for small business called single page web design. The concept is quite simple and looks gorgeous when implemented right. The idea is this; all of your content is displayed on a single page that site visitors do not navigate away from. Scrolling and simple animations trigger other content to be revealed. They work well for businesses that have minimal information but desire an online presence (which is pretty crucial in today's business climate).

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Single page websites: More powerful than you know

When I design a single page website, I begin by gathering all the information that the client would like to show on their site. This usually includes contact, mapping/location, testimonials and a breakdown of services/products being offered by the business. Most clients have an idea of what they'd like the site to look like so I spend time asking questions that I use to guide the design process. Finding the right colours, texture, target audience and overall style can take a good amount of time to refine, so asking the right questions is important. Finding the right answers is fundemental.

Not all businesses can use the idea of a single page website. In my experience, a business with a niche or local service such as landscaping, dog walkers, local pubs and current event benefit the most from single page websites. the site acts as a great focal point for your social media such as Facebook pages or Twitter account.

For inspiration about what your site can look like and how to move forward with the design of yours, check these out.

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