7 Reasons Small Businesses Should Hire a Professional Designer.

Today, small business owners have many tools available to help them create their own fliers, brochures, postcards and even websites. So why would they want to use the services of a professional graphic designer? I am often asked this question by business owners looking to save money on the services I offer, which makes sense. Saving money is always a good thing but doing so at the expense of showcasing your business service/product to the world isn't.

I'd like to explain my seven reasons why small business owners are making a good decision by hiring a professional to create their graphics.

1. It's more expensive not to hire a professional.

Free software can be great, but it doesn't come with free skills and free knowledge on how to use it. As a designer, I've been using creative software for over 15 years, which means when you hire me, you're tapping into that experience and knowledge, often times for cheap. Why not utilize my skills?

2. You're wasting time you don’t have.

This the big one. As a small business owner you have 'many hats to wear'. This means that in addition to doing the paper work, billing, email writing, service/product promotion and actually supplying the product/service of your business, you are now going to take half a day to design, test and print a flyer. Hiring me as your designer means you can get that project done without draining the limited time you have in a day.

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It's a scientific fact.

3. Fresh Ideas.

Creativity is the life blood of any designer. They train themselves both professionally and with experience over time to wield their creativeness like a sword. Not only am I creative, but I spend my time finding new and exciting ways to use my creativity for small businesses, everyday. Let me use that for your business.

4. Branding must be consistent.

Is our logo well designed? Do you know which typeface to use that is best suited for reading? Do you understand colour theory and the role it plays in branding? As an experienced designer, I know how to use those ideas to create powerful communication for your branded material.

5. Printed material requires preparation.

Understanding how a design will print is a crucial part of marketing process. Trouble shooting the print process is part of any professional designers tool chest. I've worked for print houses and have a deep understanding of how margin tolerance, coloured inks and paper stocks work. Tap into this experience, it'll save you a ton of headaches.

6. Uniquely branded businesses stand out.

Brand recognition is vital to the long term success of any small business. Most industries are highly competitive, so having unique marketing materials provide a way for your business to rise above those competitors while helping people remember you. I use a research based method to find designs that will make your brand shine.

7. Bragging rights.

Are you proud of your marketing materials? Do you hand them to people feeling a rush as they gaze at your slick presentation? You should be. Why hand someone a template design that they've probably seen before? I see this happen all the time, people actually apologize for their poorly design business card, flyers and brochures. Let me help you avoid that scenario.

To help drive home the idea of why small businesses should hire professional designers, this venn diagram is presented to you for your consideration.

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Let's talk about how I can help you. If you want to get started with a conversation about your project, you can email me. I'd also like to invite you to review my extensive portfolio to see how I can help you further.

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