Entrepreneurs Are Daredevils

Entrepreneurs Are Daredevils: Risk Takers And World Shakers.

Daredevils. They risk life and limb to achieve great heights of fame, wealth and insight into life. They inspire us to become more than the sum of our fears, reminding us that 'it's all in our heads' and that, with time, nearly anyone can be a daredevil. This can be said about entrepreneurs, though they may not risk their life and limbs (or maybe they do), they certainly inspire and show that pretty much anything is possible. In the arena of risk taking, entrepreneurs are daredevils.

Choosing to risk your personal finances, time and relationships for your entrepreneurial ideas is the biggest risk any of us may ever take. Far beyond climbing a mountain or crossing a desert, entrepreneurship has no definable end. It is a life choice and a commitment that will remain with you long after the choice is made. Like daredevils, entrepreneurs need to be active, adaptive, bold and slightly more than a little crazy. But not too crazy... unless you're inventing time travel, in which case be as crazy as you see fit.

Now, here is a little secret.. the risks you take for your idea don't have to be an 'all in' notion. As an entrepreneur you have the power to control, understand and ultimately mitigate the risks that will lead you to success. First you have to do one thing and only one thing: You have give yourself permission to take risks. Permission will never come from anyone else. Ever.

So, now that' you've learned the 'big secret' for taking risks, here is another secret... risks can be broken down into constitute parts, analyzed and studied, the foundation of understanding for all things. This process will quickly show you that mosts risks are a matter of timing, preparation and action. With those tools in your utility belt you can enter action with boldness, confidence, and energy, knowing that as things change you can manoeuvre like a daredevil and reach the goals to desire. Nothing lost, everything gained.

Before you go, here is a quick list for you:

  • -There are no true risks, only lack of preparedness.
  • -No one will ever give you permission to take risks, only you can.
  • -Be bold. Be daring and most of all, be informed.

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