Attention Entrepreneurs! 2017 is almost here.

Well, 2016 has been a crazy year, full of hard work, success and disappointment. With a few days to go before 2017, I’ve put together a to-do list for entrepreneurs to use as a guide.

Attention Entrepreneurs! 2017 is almost here.

As 2017 rolls around, you'll return to your world of ideas, development and business deals. Taking a few key moments to create something that can help you more effectively or efficiently is vital for your new year. Now is a great time to reflect on on your business, how you’ve arrived there, where you want to go and then how to plan to achieve it all.

1. Focus on your clients

Focus on taking better care of your clients for the year ahead. Keeping clients happy is not only important financially, but it also influences overall business growth and development. If your clients feel they looked after and that their needs are met, they will stay with you and continue to seek you out for solutions.

Ask your clients where they see their business in the coming year and what you can to accommodate their goals and ideas. Maybe they need to asses their website or marketing direction, or maybe they are looking to rebrand into something more attractive to their target audience. Additionally, re-evaluate your own approach to how you communicate with your clients.

Client needs and wants continuously change over time. Your company’s product or service might be on target right now in terms of customer demand, but don’t get too comfortable. This new year, make it your goal to engage with your clients more and reach for new ones on novel and unique ways. Part of this goal would be to start more one-on-one conversations, create events and groups. Send out surveys using email and social media to better understanding what people are thinking and what they are interested in for their business.

Taking the time to understand your clients deeper by asking questions and providing solutions will ensure you are on their minds when it’s time for them develop their own ideas.

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2. Evaluate your stress levels

As an entrepreneur, you are always on the move, finding solutions, meeting clients and building your network. This constant work effort will have a negative effect on your personal well-being over time if you do not regularly monitor your health and wellbeing. Each day, take time to evaluate your stress levels, physical health and mantel state. As a preventive measure, find ways of releasing your stress daily or as needed so you can stay focused, passionate and ambitious.

As an entrepreneur there is rarely a time when you are not working, thinking about work or considering some new idea to pursue. By devoting time to exercise,  family and friends and making sure you do not become stressed by suffering burn out, you will have a more positive attitude, a clearer vision of what you want while maintaining a cool exterior so remain approachable and friendly.

3. Financial Planning

Planning your finances can seem so overwhelming and confusing, especially for entrepreneurs who have multiple revenue streams, investments and ideas being developed. If you're not sure where to start then start by finding advice and consultation from someone who knows what you need to do. Research and find the best match for your business, someone with a track record. The time you spend finding the right solution for the future of your finances the sooner you can move forward to other ideas, your clients and your own business growth.

4. Let apps do the hard work.

What's taking up your limited time? Find out what you need to save time on, there's probably an app for it. Let the app do the tedious, repetitive work for you so you can focus on your clients, yourself and your goals. Given the extent to which social media and digital marketing have become in our lives, finding time saving solutions is imperative for your success. Find solutions to automate your Twitter or find software to help you schedule posts for you, keeping your profiles active even when you’re not able to. 

The best thing you can do is find ways to automate, in part, your social presence. Save time, save money and best of all stay active.

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5. Clean up your office/work space 

It's time for a deep clean of your work space so you can start the new year with a clear mind and fresh approach. This deep clean includes your online calendar, social profiles, email list and computer. Go through your calendar and delete or disconnect any coming events that you know you are not going to. Respond to those social invites with certainty and clear out the noise. You’ll be able to focus on the events that are important while avoiding those that are not.

Have you sent an email newsletter in a while? Maybe you should, say hi, clean out the emails that no longer work and generally check in with your lists. How many files are on your desktop? Is it cluttered? Take an hour or so to create folders so all that noise can be sorted. A clean desktop is soothing to look at.

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You still have a few days to set the right pace for 2017. I recommend that you complete outstanding projects, establish new goals, reflect on accomplishments, get organized and tie up loose ends–among other things. 

Now is the time, every moment counts.

Jason Hilton
The Red Rabbit Studio

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