Tesla #Lego Set, Yes Please

When it comes to Lego, few would disagree the impact the toy company has had on our collective imaginations. Many of us have endless memories of building, playing with and ultimately destroying sets of ships, towns and creative weirdness lego constructs. We would play for hours, lost in the idea that what we were building was an epic story of lasers, constructions sites and towns being rescued by fire fighters and police forces. 

As we got older, the sets become more elaborate and commercial. Now we're surrounded by Batman, dinosaurs and robots doing battle for supremacy of our collective imaginations.

We love lego and it's that simple.

That's why this designer Lego set I created is focused on the fictional lab of Nicola Tesla is so exciting. We can gaze in wonderment as Tesla builds a generator and coil, commanding the electrical forces that comprise the universe.

I hope you love it as much as I do, and maybe some day it will see the light of day.

Behold! The Tesla Lego set in all it's glory.




Jason Hilton
The Red Rabbit Studio

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