Digital Marketing Out-Paces Supply in 2017

It can no longer be avoided. It has taken hold and is set as the go-to solution for both new and established companies. It's Digital Marketing and it's power is undisputed. 

With 2017 about two enter it's second quarter, now is the time to integrate digital marketing into your business goals. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to out-pace your competitors.

Digital Marketing

As businesses around the world continue to adapt to the ever-changing field of digital marketing, demand for digital marketers and content curators has now exceeded supply, according to new study.

The study, completed by McKinley Marketing Partners, indicates that digital marketing opportunities are the most in demand for marketing departments. This is closely followed by advertising and content (creation and curation) skills in new hires.

Key points I've taken from the McKinley study:

  • > Demand is exceeding supply for digital marketing skills and talent
  • > Nearly half of companies surveyed have committed to attaining digital marketing specialists in 2017
  • > Traditional marketing will see the highest cuts and budget constraints as companies dive further into the digital realm
  • > The total number of marketers with digital skills has not increased to meet demand while over half of all new marketing hires will be specifically for digital skills and capabilities.

You can download the full report here
(you'll need to register, but it's worth it).

What does this tell you about the direction of your own business goals and ambitions in 2017?

In my opinion, this should be telling you get in gear for digital marketing. Your business, no matter if it's small or large, needs to take steps towards digital marketing solutions.

The traditional marketing methods that you may be using are rapidly becoming outdated. Today’s ever-changing digital world presents new opportunities (and challenges) for entrepreneurs to effectively target prospective and current customers. You are acutely aware that an online presence is vital to the future of your business, but are you taking the steps forward to embrace it?

You're probably thinking that attaining digital marketing services is costly and not something you have the budget for. You're probably right.

There is hope.

With a strategic digital marketing plan, you can keep your organization ahead of the game — without the stressful cost of learning by trial and error or having to find huge budgets. A professional digital marketing plan will be the most intelligent and worthwhile investment for your business in 2017.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing isn’t a fad. It’s not a trend. And it’s not going to disappear. In fact, as the McKinley report indicates, it’s growing at an exponential rate. It's time to take action towards the solutions and applicable strategies you need to take control of digital platforms and make it work successfully for your business.

Here is a hotlist of the key points you'll need to focus on to begin you digital marketing strategy:

  • > Decide on the goals you need to reach that will define what success means for your business
  • > List the tools you are using and want to use to reach your goals
  • > Research which social media sites will give you the most marketing traction for your budget 
  • > Begin planning to create unique and enriching content that connects with your business 
  • > Ensure your website is mobile responsive and easy to navigate
  • > Research your market, demographics and competitors and how they use social media and other digital spaces
These simple points will help you get started and give you information for making decisions that will give you the best results.

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Jason Hilton
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