Cannabis Industry In Canada

The times are changing have changed. A new frontier industry has opened up in North America and in many parts of the world.

I'm talking about cannabis.

You're probably here because you are currently operating a legitimate cannabis-based business or are interested in starting one.

There are several things you need to know about the new laws, legislation, products and services that will help you build a sustainable and profitable business.


There will be several rules around how a cannabis brand can market it;s products/services. these rules set out that there can be NO TV, radio, magazines or billboards used to market those products — unlike beer ads, marijuana is being treated more as a “sin product” similar to cigarettes and gambling, putting cannabis companies under very strict guidelines on how they can brand their bud.

Are your marketing plans compliant with these new rules?

Graphic Design

Logos used on packages can not be bigger than the federal THC warning signs and there will be 14 federal health warnings which will rotate on the packaging similar to what you seen on cigarette packs.

Are your products compliant with these new rules?

Web Design

Your website, its functions and its navigability, will set you apart from your competitors. It will be vital that your website be mobile friendly and easy to use for everyone visiting it.

Is your website ready to shine?


In order to capitalize on the growing market of legal cannabis sales, you'll need an e-commerce platform to sell from. This means upkeep, updates and maintenance to ensure sales are logged, tracked and completed in a flawless manner.

Is your online store set up and ready for launch?

Supply vs Demand

It will be vital that you understand your audience and how best to reach them in the coming storm of new companies that will be present at the beginning of this wild-west cannabis industry. Once the dust settles, the most diligent, resourceful and knowledgable companies will remain. To reach this point with your company, you'll need to fully embrace supply and demand tactics so you can survive.

Have you innovated something new?


In addition to a flood of new companies selling cannabis related products, there will be even more resellers and affiliates building on the products of other companies. It will be important to find, recruit and nourish your affiliates to help you sell your products. An important aspect of this will be for you to be as innovative as possible when creating your cannabis-based products. Think outside the box and you'll ensure victory for our business.

Have you innovated something new?

Brand Development

Does your business have a brand that stands out? IT should or it's going to be lost amongst the array of businesses that will grow form this new industry. You'll need a professional studio to show you the ropes, guide you through development as they build systems and infrastructure that you can depend on as you focus on creating the most successful business you can.

Is your brand a polished gem?

Action = Success

This new industry is happening right now. Not tomorrow or not next month, right now. You need to take action in order to compete.

Time = Money

Developing your brand and business takes time. In order to ensure that you are ready to go sooner than later you'll need to take action right now... the longer you wait, the greater your chance of missing this new industry increase.

Next Steps

It's time to get to work. Below you will find contact information. Call or email and set a consultation meeting so we can get you informed and ready to take action. What are you waiting for? DOn't be left behind with your ideas, business or ambitions.

This is where Red meets Green.

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