Instagram For Creatives: Tips & Tricks

Instagram for Creatives, Social MediaInstagram is a powerful app for sharing images and connecting with people. To give this statement some context, here are some stats according to

+150 million users 
+16 billion photos shared
+1.2 billion daily likes
+55 million photos per day

All of this adds up to Instagram having massive potential for engagement for your own ideas and creative flare.

Some time ago I wrote an article talking about how creatives can use Instagram to their advantage. I've written this article as a follow up and to focus on exploring the bottom menu of Instagram and how to leverage those areas for your creative images.

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-Displays, in chronological order, images posted by users you follow.

This area is simple to use and provides you the opportunity to like, comment and share images quickly and effortlessly. 

Advantages: Helps you build awareness with those who you follow by sending them a direct alert that you've engaged with their photo. Comments have the highest engagement rate. 

Tip: Take a moment to say some kind words about the image. Who doesn't like encouragement?

Why is it important? The main reason anyone follows another Instagram user is because of common interest. Take advantage of that.

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-Type in a hashtag (eg: #abstract) or user name (@redrabbit).

This area is focused on finding new users, browsing popular images and searching for hashtags. This area is almost bottomless.

Advantages: Great way to make new connections, discover images and generally explore. If you're not using hashtags then you have essentially cut out an entire feature of the Instagram app and rendered your images unsearchable within the context of the app.

Tip: 'Like' images to your hearts content and remember to comment and follow.

Why is it important? If your images lack hashtags then your images can't be searched via this method which means nobody can find your images if they don't know your user name.

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-This area is fairly straight forward.

Take your time and find a nice and simple composition (composition is the placement or arrangement of visual elements or ingredients in a work of art, as distinct from the subject of a work).

Tips: Be sure to practice using the focus feature before you take the photo. You'll see a noticeable difference in the quality of your photos. Simply press and hold a spot to focus the lens on that area. Practice, practice and more practice.

Why is it important? People don't like horrible photos. It's that simple.

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-This is my favourite area and one the best places to find engagement, new images and users you will truly like. It has tow main areas:

1. Following: This area will reveal all the images that people you follow are interacting with (liking/commenting/following) and give you an opportunity to connect with those people. This can help you find the images and users you will truly appreciate. 

Tips: Visit this area everyday for a few minutes and like/comment/following images and users you see in this area that are being engaged with by people you follow. This will greatly expose your own account to new eyes.

2. News: This is where your notifications come into play and lets you know what images have new like/comments and who has recently followed you. Great way to see who to connect with.

Tips: Respond to comments as soon as you receive the alert. It's classy to respond quickly and lets people know you're paying attention. Always thank people for kind words and simple delete/or ignore the trolls. Never feed the trolls.

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Read the sign. Obey. Be happy.

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